Indian Comic Book Vendor

All artists online say they’re working on a webcomic and I’m no different. Been working on the script for this story for over a year now, still trying to work on my art skills to better represent Indian culture. My trip to Mumbai, India in 2010 really inspired me to craft a story around their experience that still deals with some Western themes like Sci-Fi and Aliens. From what I saw, Indian culture equates Sci-Fi with Mysticism. I wanted to walk the fine line crafting a tale about a village believing a found child is an incarnation of a god instead of a shapeshifting alien. Ajeet is a boy who loves comic books, especially comics from America, and there is only one vendor, Faiyaz, who brings them into town.

Ajeet and Faiyaz

Ajeet meets up with Faiyaz, the local comic book dealer.


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Adam Ryan Martin

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