Art Appreciation

2nd Place in Open Category at the Ribet Chalk Art Competition 2014: Art Appreciation by Adam and Jamie Martin. The theme of the competition was “Things Found In A Museum”. My wife and I took that theme and twisted the viewpoint around 180 degrees and put the viewer in the point of view of a painting hung on the wall in a hallway of a museum. The gawking, suburban family who would all rather be paying attention to anything else made quite a strong impression on the faculty and students alike. 


Art Appreciation 1

Wide shot of the whole piece.

Art Appreciation 2

Detail of the detached husband viewing life through a lens, the disaffected daughter listening to her iPod, and the wife ignoring the family while talking on her phone where she shouldn’t be.

Art Appreciation 3

Sonny is taking pictures through his iPhone camera and generally being obnoxious while the baby is the only one actually looking at the artwork directly. The baby is also picking it’s nose and has a full diaper (off-screen). Infer what you will.

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