1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo

My wife loves ancient, rickety SUV’s and I have a soft spot for Jeep Cherokees as well. My dad had a similar model to this one in black and it was the coolest vehicle my dad ever owned. I was sad when my older brother totaled it. 


1991 Jeep Cherokee

The red paint is so well preserved for being a car that can legally drink.


Jeep Model 1

LEGO bricks distort the proportions a bit, but here’s a model of the 1991 Jeep Cherokee.


Jeep Model 2

The LEGO model has a minifig representing me sitting inside!


Jeep Model 3

Check out the rear end with working tailgate and opening doors.


This model was a lot of fun to build and has gone through many iterations as I’ve picked up better pieces. I’ve been trying to build it with minimal studs showing on top. 


Thanks for Looking!

Adam Ryan Martin






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